Food bloggers and chefs share food predictions in 2022. From vegan recipes to aesthetic food, here’s what will come your way.

Be it 2021 or 2022, there’s one thing that even the pandemic has not been able to change – our love for food. There’s no denying that Indians are hardcore foodies. In the past two years, we have witnessed all kinds of food- from the immunity-boosting kadha to weird food combinations on the street. As the new year begins, we cannot help but anticipate the variety of foods that will melt our hearts in 2022. To learn about the food trends in 2022, we reached out to various chefs and food bloggers.

Here’s what they said!

Tejashree Godse who uses her Instagram account @thechubbyfoodie to showcase her love for cooking says, “Instagram has been a very active platform for creators, especially food creators because the exposure we get here is higher! Recently, we are seeing a lot of street food, junk foodie, and even some very weird food combinations that people don’t want to see/eat. However, there is a positive vibe as people across the world are sharing great homemade recipes with simple ingredients! Healthy and quick recipes are making a strong impact on our lifestyle.”

She further adds, “I feel, in 2022, people are expanding their knowledge using social media which is a vast empire of knowledge. People are excited to try all new products available in the market to make recipes that they have not tried before. Most of us aren’t traveling due to COVID-19 restrictions. However, people are exploring their city of residence learning about the diversity of Indian food!”

Similarly, when we asked Chef Guntas (@chefguntas on Instagram) about the emerging trends in “foodstagram“, she says, “Healthy all the way – from vegan to gluten-free alternatives to organic food and whatnot. The market is only getting bigger and more and more people are choosing it! Whether it’s alkaline water or vegan milk, people are trying it all.”

Khushi Kaur Sethi who guides people about fitness and health on her Instagram account @talesofdiet says, “This year, we will likely see more plant-based foods and sustainable packaging to wrap it in. We’ll get to see a lot of food mini vlogs, new TikTok food trends, minimalist drinks, aesthetic food trends, etc. Also, just like 2021, we’ll get to see people trying Korean food as well.”

Speaking about how the pandemic has affected food trends, she opines, “If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that the simple things in life are beautiful. We have learned that a dish made from 3 quality ingredients can give more satisfaction than a complex meal. I believe we’ll continue to enjoy learning back-to-basics kitchen skills and cooking simple dishes throughout 2022 (and hopefully beyond).”

When asked about #WhatsNewin2022 about food, Chef Jayraj Chandani (@chefjayraj) says, “A lot of home cooking, healthier snacking and cloud kitchens! Since the pandemic began, people have spent a lot of time at home during the lockdowns. This has changed a lot for the food industry. People are opting for foods and beverages that will boost their immunity, sharpen their cognition and improve their overall health. Hence, vegetarian and vegan food is gaining a lot of popularity. Mock meat too will be a huge trend.”

He further adds, “Lot of people have started cooking their own meals, be it for trying to keep themselves active or because of being unable to visit their favorite restaurants. Cloud kitchens have popped up as a very safe and profitable business opportunity and they are here to stay.”

Now that we know food predictions in 2022, what recipes are you excited to cook?

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