Food Vloggers on YouTube you need to follow NOW to lead a delicious life!

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Do you ever wonder if there’s another purpose to life than just eating? And is the answer always no, there isn’t? Do you also dream about what you’re gonna have for dinner at lunch time? Well then, you’ve landed on the perfect article for you!

YouTube is a multi-genre platform where artists from various fields project their talents and get recognized for it. We know how difficult it can be to search the best ones for your needs and hence decided to help you a little. And could there be a better start to anything than food? Absolutely not! We came up with a list of Food Vloggers on YouTube that are doing amazing work and should be followed right away!

Don’t worry, we got you the best of both worlds –the makers and the reviewers. Hog away!

First up –the Recipe Galore:

1. Nisha Madhulika

2. Vahchef –VahRehVah

3. Kabita’s Kitchen

4. Bhavna’s Kitchen


5. Manjula’s Kitchen

6. CookingShooking

7. Richa’s Manor

8. Your Food Lab

9. Nehas Cookhouse

10. Crazy4veggie

11. Healthy Kadai

12. Cookfood Paradise

13. Saffron Trail

And now, to help you try out new foods –the Reviewers:

1. My Hunger Pangs

2. Veggie Paaji

3. Dilsefoodie Official

4. Food Talkies

5. Bhooka Saand

6. Golgappa Girl

7. Delhi Food Walks

Made you hungry, didn’t it? Us too! Well, what are you waiting for? Go follow them and add more of the only thing that would never betray you in life –food!

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