Here's why we love Chef Saransh Goila and his flavorful stories!

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From heartwarming childhood recipes to unforgettable food memories, each recipe by Chef Saransh Goila tells a story and we love them all!

India is the land of stories, everywhere you turn, there is a tale to be told, especially when it comes to food cultures. From the fiery spices of the South to the rich gravies of the North, each dish tells a story of tradition and heritage. These flavors make us feel comfortable and yet India’s diverse food culture is filled with endless room for creativity, innovation, and discovery. Chef Saransh Goila’s content is known for bringing these stories to us, seamlessly blending tradition with modernity with diverse flavors of Indian cuisine. He not only tantalizes our taste buds with his culinary skills but also celebrates the richness of India's culinary heritage, making each meal much more special. Who knew that the salts used in a part of Uttarakhand are different colored or that there is a famous desi cheese in Jammu & Kashmir? 

Some of his videos that also happen to be our absolute favorites are the ones where Saransh brings up nostalgic recipes from his childhood and the memories attached to them. Layering it all with his unique storytelling style and humor makes his recipe videos even more entertaining. Watching his videos isn't just about learning new recipes; it's about celebrating the stories and connections behind the food we love.

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One can never have enough of his videos and here are some examples:

Omelette Sandwich

Phaldari Kofta

Valachi Khichdi

Palak Khichadi

Hara Namak

Ram Ladoo


Papad Pasta

Sarson Ka Saag

Happy Birthday, Saransh! May we get to see more such flavorful recipes! 

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