Revant Himatsingka’s advocacy sparks change as Bournvita reduces sugar content in its products

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Revant Himatsingka also known as Food Pharmer has been gaining attention for his legal win against Cadbury’s Bournvita. Here is everything that you need to know. 

Revant Himatsingka, popularly known as the "Food Pharmer '' on social media, has been gaining attention for his advocacy on food awareness. You must have come across his instagram reels, where he intricately dissects the labels of popular food products. One of his most viral videos is the one where scrutinized the sugar content in Cadbury’s Bournvita, suggesting a change in their tagline from ‘taiyari Jeet ki’ to 'taiyari diabetes ki.' This critique prompted a legal notice from Cadbury, where Revant’s analysis was claimed unscientific and misleading. As per the claims made by the company, each serving of Bournvita contains 7.5g of sugar which is much less than the recommended daily sugar intake limits for children. A noteworthy support came from NAPI, India’s leading nutrition body, which supported the scientific nature of Himatsingka's analysis of Bournvita in his video. Additionally, the government’s child rights body issued a notice to Bournvita regarding misleading ads.

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On December 23, Himatsingka shared a significant win – a 14.4% reduction in Bournvita's added sugar. He has also called out brands like Tang, Sting, Kissan, Maggi, and various bread brands in India. The ripple effect of his influence was evident, with Maggi Ketchup subsequently reducing its sugar content by 22%. In a social media post, Himatsingka clarified that his fight is not just against Bournvita but it is targeting any company that might be marketing junk food as healthy. His vision revolves around fostering a healthier India, asserting that one company's positive change can catalyze a chain reaction, prompting increased vigilance across the industry for improved food choices.

He posted a video explaining the whole case: 

What are your thoughts on the whole controversy? 

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