Check out these amazing foreign creators who are showing off their love for India by posting their entertaining content in Indian languages.

It is not a hidden fact that Bollywood has found its way around the world. People are becoming familiar with Bollywood songs and dialogues, thanks to the internet. As Indians, performing on our favourite Hindi songs and lip-syncing to famous dialogues is just a part of our lives. But there are various foreign creators who are trying their hand at content in Indian languages, as well.

With reels gaining popularity, many foreigners have been sharing their love for our culture and movies on the internet. Dancing to songs or showing off their skills of speaking in Indian languages they are leaving us Indians impressed. We made a list of such gems on the internet who are making us fall in love with our culture all over again.

Check out these foreign creators:

Aparna Mulberry

Paula McGlynn

Ronaldo Knga

Nina W


Ricky L. Pond


Invisible India Podcast

Amalie Midtigard

Vina Fan

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