You might be missing out on some amazing pieces of content if you’re only watching shows in English and Hindi. Because these foreign language Netflix shows are a must-watch!

Over the years, Netflix has become a big part of our lives. Long gone are the days when we put our lives on hold to catch an episode that only airs on a specific day on a specific day. With Netflix, we can stream episodes, watch movies or documentaries with a simple smartphone! In the era of Netflix, we have thousands of shows to stream from at our convenience. The real secret has been the hundreds of foreign language Netflix shows it offers to the audience. You can find shows belonging to every genre possible with subtitles, so next time you log in to Netflix, be sure to check some of these out!

Here are our recommendations on the foreign language Netflix shows you must watch –

1. 3% 
Hailing from Brazil, 3% is based in the dystopian times. The plot of the series is inspired by The Hunger Games where 3% of the population that proves to be fit will survive and have a chance at an improved life. Although, the show’s budget was restricted, but the situations portrayed and the actors have done a great job.

2. The Break
From Belgium, this crime thriller is inspired by True Detective and The Killing. A schlubby detective moves back into his hometown and learns that a young football player has been murdered. Just like any murder-suspense story, the protagonist has his ‘own’ way of unravelling the mystery while defying all odds.

3. Call My Agent
Imagine a French version of The Entourage but confronting horrible realities of the corporate life! Call My Agent addresses trivial but important topics of the corporate culture like the gender pay gap, sexism, and ageism. All of this is tightly parcelled into a comedy-drama series.

4. Dark
The German version of Stranger Things comes alive with Dark. Although the traditional set-up has remained the same with supernatural characters, eerie and foggy scenes, the storyline is definitely ‘dark’ and not meant for the weak hearts.

5. Rita
Very similar to Bad Teacher, Rita’s is a comedy series in which the protagonist actually cares about the welfare of her students, but deals with problems in a not-so-traditional approach. Although the plot is similar to the American movie, while watching the show, one would discover how the plot thickens to include other storylines involving complex characters.

6. Money Heist
A super villain takes shape in the form of ‘The Professor’ who recruits a team to mint billions of euros in the Royal Mint of Spain. This Spanish TV series gives competition to your regular super-hero shows with a twist of evil.

7. Elite
Another Spanish show, but from a completely different genre! The story is about 3 middle-class teens that get into an elite school and get with some rich kids. But that’s not all! Due to a clash between these teens and the wealthy children, a murder happens. That’s when the real story starts to unravel.

8. The Rain
A scene straight out of a post-apocalyptic world, The Rain is a Danish show based on two siblings that emerge out of a hidden bunker 6 years after a virus carried by the rain wiped out everyone in Scandinavia. They join a group of other survivors and get on with the dangers of the new world.

9. The Hook Up Plan
In an attempt to boost Elsa’s confidence and get her back on the dating bandwagon, her friends secretly pair her up with a male escort. Elsa knows him as a preschool teacher, and begins to be completely candid with him. After learning the hidden secret about her date, Elsa questions her friendships and battles her feelings.

10. How To Sell Drugs Online
After being dumped by his girlfriend, a nerdy guy begins to sell drugs online in order to make a quick buck. Soon, he realizes that he is one of the biggest drug dealers in Europe.

So now that you have a list, which one will you begin first?