Season 3 of Four More Shots Please and Tripling is out and we're dying to binge it with our mains this Diwali!

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Four More Shots Please and Tripling

Four More Shots Please and Tripling recently released season 3 after a really long time and if you're all caught up, you know that they're just right to binge-watch with your chosen fam!

Often it happens that with the plethora of content coming in every month it's hard to decide what to watch and what not to. And with Diwali here, nobody wants to spend hours simply scrolling on OTT platforms like they're dating apps. This is when the old comfortable shows that you already know of and have enjoyed thoroughly come into play, especially when they're out with a brand new season! Four More Shots Please and Tripling season 3 is out and as they're well-known territory for you, they cannot be too disappointing!

Four More Shots Please season 2 was released in April 2020 while Tripling season 2 was last seen in April 2019. Almost two to three years later, we have season 3 of these shows and it has made everyone's Diwali even more special given how they're both all about family and a tight group of friends!

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Damini (Sayani Gupta), Siddhi (Maanvi Gagroo), Umang (Bani J), and Anjana (Kirti Kulhari), the four girls are back to the grind and hustling between having a good sex life as well as making something of themselves. The show which looks a whole lot like Sex and the City offers a glamorous, rich, dramatic, and above-the-surface but well-intentioned take on the modern lives of Indian women. Whether it's the struggle of the single, divorced, or queer woman trying to deal with society, there is one thing that keeps them sane and is always there for them - their GIRL GANG. Because this gang is your biggest cheerleader and strongest support system, it makes you want to have one of your own! Watch these four women this Diwali who remind us of the power of friendship.

Chitwan (Amol Prashar), Chandan (Sumeet Vyas), and Chanchal (Maanvi Gagroo) are those siblings that are the perfect definition of a relationship between siblings. As they never get along, are worlds apart from each other but yet are the closest to you, and no one can understand you better than them. These three are also back and going on a trip. Though this time, not coincidentally or accidentally, but rather planned with their parents who are planning to get a separation. Bawa, trip, family, adventure, confusion, getting lost, and a whole lot of bawal is back! Season 3 sees them explore their relationship with their parents after exploring it with each other for two seasons.

Other than Maanvi Gaagro being common in both these shows, there is also the feeling of togetherness that either we get from friends that become family or family that becomes friends! And isn't that what Diwali is all about? Watch these light-hearted, warm, and extremely delightful shows over the break!

Four More Shots Please is streaming on Amazon Prime Video and Tripling is streaming on Zee5!

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