Feeling the #FridayFeels? These Bollywood GIFs mirror it all!

Jagruti Verma
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Here's a critical analysis of all possible #FridayFeels that an average human can go through in the span of 24 hours before a weekend. Generously peppered with some Bollywood jazz!

The happiness of having survived the week coupled with the thoughts of a warm bed over the weekend is THE happy #FridayFeels we wish for everyone. However, this day ain't as simple to comprehend at times. The following are possible emotions you are likely to go through on the sixth day of the week.

First of all, congratulations, you made it through the week!

After having slogged all week, you sure deserve to splurge, no?

And make plans with bae, especially if they live far away.

Or maybe just a cubicle apart? *winks*

Plan a weekend dancing with friends and fam.

Phone pinging with people cancelling on you? Well, who needs them anyway!

You have got YOU and two whole days to indulge in self-love after all.

For now, enjoy the grooves in your head.

Take a tea break and look out the window.

There's still a pile of files on your desk? Argh! Take a deep breath, smile through.

FINALLY, it's time to bid goodbye to the desk and exit like a boss.

Did you just blink and the weekend is over? Until next time then.

BONUS: Not a GIF but we couldn't bear the thought of leaving you with anything less than a wholesome video of happy sunshine that you deserve, especially if you are having a tough week. Smile!

Did we miss on a feeling that deserves to be mentioned? Share links to those GIFs in the comments or send them our way through team@socialsamosa.com.

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