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Stuck Together

Directed by Dany Boon, Stuck Together is a hilarious-because-it's-so-relatable medley based on 7 families living as tenants in one building on the rue de l'Humanité during the lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic!

Cast - Dany Boon also played the role of Martin. And as director and writer, gave us an incredible cast with amazing chemistry! Yvan Attal, François Damiens, Laurence Arné, Liliane Rovère, Elie Semoun, and Jorge Calvo are playing the role of neighbors. Rarely do we come across characters that every human can identify with and Stuck Together brings us precisely that!

Storyline - The lockdown has just been imposed. There is very little information available on COVID-19 and its aftermath. We have a hypochondriacal father who refuses entry to his wife into their home because she stepped out despite taking all precautions, a cafe owner who reuses pear flavoured alcohol to make sanitiser, a sports coach who struggles with coaching on Zoom, his pregnant fiancee, a frustrated husband who keeps trying to one-up his children, a crazy scientist desperate to find the cure and a friendly super intendant. Three months of lockdown, one building and 7 families who don't know each other, become friendly only to struggle with getting along and eventually learn to live with each others' differences.

Watch the trailer here!

What I liked - Stuck Together has a very clear theme throughout - humanity! It reminded me that throughout the pandemic, we're all stuck together and as frustrating as that's been, it's also what kept us going! This movie highlights various emotions that the pandemic has brought out in all of us, whether it's the copious amounts of COVID-19 related anxiety, the grief we've experienced when we lost someone to COVID-19 or the frustration we've felt with working from home while being surrounded by the same people all day long, over and over. The hypochondriac's reaction to COVID-19 is hilarious because we've been there, done that!

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