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The Little Things is a crime drama mystery that broods over the psychological turmoil that detectives face while working a case.

A crime thriller set in the early '90s, The Little Things is directed by John Lee Hancock and was written by him over 3 decades ago. This movie highlights how the little details can make or break pretty much anything including the search for a serial killer.

Cast - Denzel Washington plays the role of a Deputy Sheriff haunted by his past aka Joe 'Deke' Deacon. Rami Malek as Jim Baxter is the new hotty in the LAPD who partners up with Joe Deacon on the down-low to solve this murder mystery. Jared Leto does a phenomenal job as Albert Sparma, the prime suspect of this crime thriller. While this movie has a very eerie vibe to it, the scenes with Albert Sparma in the frame are terribly disturbing! Every bit about him screams 'run in the other direction', especially that part of him that gets off on crime. Sparma seems to be one step ahead of the LAPD the entire time, taking them on a wild and pointless chase which makes the end extremely confusing. His character reminds me of The Joker in more ways than one.

Storyline - This thriller begins with Deke being sent to Los Angeles for some irrelevant police work and he looks like a man burdened by his troubled past. He can't stop himself from getting involved in an investigation when yet another woman is brutally murdered because this reminds him of a cold case he was unable to solve and he believes the two to be the work of one serial killer. Through a series of flashbacks, we soon realize that Joe Deacon is haunted by his past, so much so that he sees the dead girls even when he tries to sleep. Deke secretly helps Jim Baxter with this investigation who in turn ends up feeling the same guilt, frustration, and emotional turbulence that haunts Deacon.

What I liked - It paints a real picture of how invested detectives get in an investigation and how they're haunted by unsolved crimes.

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What I didn't like - Women are underutilized throughout this movie, playing supportive characters in a meager role or victims with absolutely no backstory. It's like you're at the edge of the seat all along and the end does absolutely no justice to these 2 + hours of waiting. This movie is more about guilt and games that the three protagonists indulge in with no rational end.

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