#FridayFever: When Twitter sends out love to sick and angry souls

Jagruti Verma
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When someone tweets asking for hugs and wishes for they are unwell or angry, the Twitterverse is quick to shine on them all the good vibes they can fit into 280 characters

When the thermometer shows a hike in temperature and you feel a compulsion to share it with the world, it can actually lead to a rain of GIFs onto you, along with sweet messages. Here we bring you a few such instances when the Twitterverse was kind and generous to those who needed it to get through a tough day.

Personal cheerleaders, ahoy!

Saving the world, one filter at a time

When bed's the world

Much love for woofie!

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Big steps deserve support

Good vibes only.

Oh, sistah.


We are all in this together!

Getting through Murphy's Law

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