Why we want a friendship like Joey and Phoebe's

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Why we want a friendship like Joey and Phoebe's

The friendship we see in F.R.I.E.N.D.S is the kind of friendship we want, especially the one that Joey and Phoebe share.

Throughout the entire run of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, the gang was super tight and showed up for each other always. But we love what Phoebe and Joey shared as a friendship. The relationship between Phoebe, the weird yet eccentric one of the group, and Joey, the charming yet seemingly immature person in the group has been the most accurate portrayal of 'best friends'. From standing up for each other in tough times to sharing crazy theories and personalities, they have defined a friendship in more than one way.

Yes with these six friends you can hardly ever figure out best friends between them. But if true friendship with utter and utmost acceptance and understanding had a face it would be of Joey and Phoebe. And no it's not just because of Matt Le Blanc and Lisa Kudrow's brilliant acting skills but also because of the way their arch has been written. And maybe at one point, it made us all wish that they would probably end up together but we are kind of glad that they rather chose to be friends.

Proof that Joey and Phoebe define friendship goals!

Phoebe's cool weirdness matches Joey's charming dumbness

Joey was Phoebe’s back-up plan if she never got married

Both of them had monthly dinner Plans

They always did crazy things together

Phoebe and Joey taught each other new skills

Joey gave up meat because Phoebe was craving meat while she was pregnant

Phoebe became Joey's Manager for a short while

Joey stood in for Phoebe’s dad/ the officiator at Phoebe’s wedding

They always helped each other achieve their goals, no matter what they are

Joey proposes to Phoebe when he thinks she is pregnant

They always helped mend each other's broken hearts

These two were friendship goals all throughout the series and taught us what it's like to be a true friend. Also, these two balanced each other weirdness while having completely different personalities. And that's what made their friendship so special for everyone. What do you think about these two? Tell us in the comments below.

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