There have been a number of scenes and situations we all loved and laughed at from our favourite series FRIENDS. However, we have made a list of certain FRIENDS scenes that fit perfectly in the quarantine situation.

Oh! Sitting at home, on our couch, we just realised we were all bamboozled on 31st December when wished each other a ‘Happy New Year.’ This year so far, don’t seem that happy. We are all bored and exhausted with this whole lockdown and quarantine period that we have to go through (obviously we don’t have an option but to follow it to be safe). One thing that will never change is us re-watching the entire season of FRIENDS. We watched it when everything was fine, and we’ll definitely watch it through this tough time. While people may praise Simpsons for knowing everything beforehand, there are certain scenes that FRIENDS seems to have predicted as well. And we couldn’t help but notice these FRIENDS scenes that fit perfectly in our current scenario.

Take a look at these FRIENDS scenes that are an apt depiction of our lives:

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Which of these scenes did you relate to the most?