This summary covers everything that happened across 10 seasons of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Check it out!

It’s so hard to summarize a TV series that gave us so much from 1994 to 2004. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. must be an iconic TV series for the world, but it is so much more than that for us. This TV show played the role of a teacher, guide, and best friend for us. It never failed to make us feel less alone, regardless of how many times we rewatched every season. We didn’t know that it was possible to feel so many emotions while watching a TV series. Where one could find comfort and relatability in fictitious characters over real people. We cried when Monica proposed to Chandler, Phoebe walked down the aisle and Rachel got off the plane and laughed out loud in every episode throughout the 10 seasons. To this day, these 6 characters aren’t our friends, they’re family!

With the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. reunion coming up, we’ve felt the need to binge-watch this series but 240 episodes is a whole lot of time to spare in the middle of a workday. Wondering if you still remember everything that happened in every season?

If you don’t have the time to watch every episode, we’ve summarized every season right here for you. Check it out!

Season 1

Rachel leaves Barry at the altar and tries to live independently by moving in with Monica. Joey plays Al Pacino’s butt double. Carol moves out to live with her girlfriend, Susan. Monica dates stupid men. Phoebe finds a thumb in her cola. Ross finds out that Carol is pregnant with his baby. Joey falls for Phoebe’s twin, Ursula. Ross gets a monkey. Phoebe gives 7000$ to Chandler to stop smoking. Ross kisses Chandler’s mom. Rachel sleeps with Barry while he’s dating Mindy, her maid of honor. Chandler and Janice break up. Rachel finds out about Ross’s feelings for her.


Season 2

Ross is dating Julie. Phoebe gives Monica the wrong haircut. Phoebe and Joey try Carol’s breastmilk. Mr. Heckles dies. The gang finds out that Phoebe is married to a Canadian gay ice dancer. Chandler worries about being a lot like Mr. Heckles. Monica gets fired from her job. Chandler pretends to be bob to get laid. Joey and Chandler forget Ben on the bus. Ross finds out that Rachel likes him. Ross makes ‘the list’. Phoebe goes looking for her real dad. Monica caters for Carol and Susan’s wedding. Marcel becomes famous in Hollywood. Both Monica and Rachel go out with Jean Claude Van Damme. Dr. Drake Ramoray falls down the elevator shaft. Rachel kisses Ross after seeing their prom video. Monica dates her dad’s best friend, Richard. Ross and Chandler befriend the bullies. Rachel’s parents get divorced. Rachel is the maid of honor at Barry and Mindy’s wedding. Monica and Richard break up.


Season 3

Janice and Chandler get back together. Joey hates Janice. Ross has a Princess Leia fantasy. Joey wears all of Chandler’s clothes. Monica makes a lot of jam. Chandler isn’t afraid of commitment anymore. Phoebe meets her half-brother, Frank who likes to melt stuff. Monica gets a race car bed from Janice’s husband. Chandler gets cheated on. Rachel quits being a waitress at Central Perk. Phoebe helps Joey with his auditions. Chandler kisses one of Joey’s sisters and doesn’t remember which one. Ross gets jealous of Mark. Monica and Richard are ‘just friends’. Ross and Rachel go on a break or not. Ross cheats on her with the girl from the copy place. ‘Smelly cat’ becomes the title track of an advertisement. Ross and Rachel break up. Chandler dates Rachel’s boss. Joey gets a chick and a duck. Phoebe dates two guys. Ross finds out that Rachel still loves him. Phoebe meets her real mom.


Season 4

Ross and Rachel get back together. Ross falls asleep while reading her letter which is 18 pages long, front and back. Monica is stung by a jellyfish. Chandler pees on Monica. Phoebe believes that a cat is her mom. Monica ‘pulls a Monica’. Joey teaches Treeger how to dance. Chandler falls in love with Joey’s girlfriend, Kathy. Ross plays his music in Central Perk. Monica kisses Richard’s son. Rachel’s boss dies. Chandler kisses Kathy. Monica and Phoebe become business partners. Phoebe carries her brother’s triplets. Monica and Rachel lose the apartment to the boys because of the bet. Rachel is smitten by Joshua. Ross decides to marry Emily. Ross says the wrong name at the altar. says Rachel. The boys have free porn. Rachel and Monica kiss and win their apartment back. Joey loses the ring. Phoebe eats meat. Monica and Chandler hook up in London. Rachel goes to Hawaii alone.


Season 5

Phoebe’s water breaks. Emily wants Ross to stop seeing Rachel. Chandler kisses all the girls. Ross moves in with Chandler and Joey. Monica and Chandler hide their relationship from the gang. Joey finds out about them. Ross sleeps with Janice. Phoebe meets Frank Buffay. Monica gives the best worst massages. Chandler says I love you. Everyone finds out about Monica and Chandler. Ross rents out Ugly Naked Guy’s apartment. Phoebe dates a cop. Rachel kisses her boss accidentally. Joey competes with Ben for acting assignment. Ross tries to flirt with the pizza delivery girl. Joey saves his sandwich. Monica bumps into Richard. Joey drives to Vegas for his big break. Everyone goes to Vegas. Monica and Chandler decide to get married. Ross and Rachel get married.


Season 6

Monica and Chandler move in together. Ross doesn’t get an annulment. Rachel moves in with Phoebe. Ross still likes Rachel. Phoebe runs funnily. Ross fakes a British accent. Joey dates Janine. Ross whitens his teeth. Rachel makes Trifle dessert for Thanksgiving. Monica and Ross do the routine. Rachel loves Pottery Barn. Chandler says he likes maintaining Monica. Jill makes out with Ross. Chandler finally cries. Ross dates a student. Joey bags MAC and CHEESE. Rachel dates Elizabeth’s father. Richard says I love you. Phoebe and Rachel are trained in ‘Unagi’. Joey buys the ‘Mr. Bowmont’. Monica proposes to Chandler.


Season 7

Ross and Rachel kiss. Phoebe wants to sing at the wedding. Rachel reads a romance novel. Phoebe gifts Monica a cookie recipe. Rachel dates her assistant, Tag. Chandler can’t smile in photos. Ross and Joey have the most amazing nap. Rachel is Monica’s maid of honor. Ross hates ice cream. Monica makes little drops of heaven. Ross dresses up like the Holiday Armadillo. Chandler and Rachel steal the cheesecake. Monica falls asleep during sex. Rachel breaks Rosita. Monica’s dad gifts her his Porche. Everyone turns 30. Joey gets a new brain. Joey is nominated for a ‘Soapie’. Chandler, Ross, and Phoebe lust over Cassie. Phoebe kisses Rachel. Ross flirts with a cop. Chandler invites his dad to the wedding. Phoebe thinks Monica is pregnant. Chandler is missing. Monica and Chandler get married.


Season 8

Rachel is pregnant. Everyone finds out that Ross is the father. Monica opens all the presents. Ross calls the condom manufacturing company. The gang watched the videotape. Phoebe makes out with Ursula’s fiance. Chandler gets a maid. Rachel tells her father. Monica orders a stripper for her husband. Mona wants to have the talk. Joey takes Rachel out on a date. Chandler enjoys baths. Joey falls in love with Rachel. Ross and Rachel move in. Chandler watches the birthing video thrice. Joey tells Rachel. Phoebe meets Monica’s soulmate. Rachel is way past her due date. Rachel gives birth to Emma. Rachel thinks Joey proposed. Monica’s dad catches them in the middle of sex.


Season 9

Ross tries to punch Joey. Emma can’t stop crying. Chandler moves to Tulsa. Rachel keeps calling the pediatrician. Monica thinks Chandler watches shark porn. Phoebe meets Mike and ditches her friends on her birthday for him. Ross is uncomfortable with the male nanny. Emma laughs at ‘Baby got back’. Rachel kisses Gavin, the jerk. Phoebe brings rat babies to Rachel’s birthday party. Chandler quits his job and interns at an ad agency. Rachel moves in with Joey. Phoebe and Mike break up. Ross fakes his death. The gang buys lottery tickets. Joey dates Charlie. Rachel pines for Joey. Chandler sits for ‘Why don’t you like me?’. Chandler and Monica can’t have children naturally. Everyone goes to Barbados. Mike comes to Barbados. Ross kisses Charlie. Joey kisses Rachel.


Season 10

Everyone finds out about Joey and Rachel and Ross and Charlie. Ross finds out. Ross is FINE with it. Rachel and Joey can’t go through with it. Emma gets a phallic-shaped cake. Mike get down on one knee. The gang is late for Thanksgiving. Monica and Chandler opt for adoption. Chandler and Monica buy a house. The stripper cries at Phoebe’s bachelorette. Phoebe has a street wedding because of the snow. Phoebe changes her name to Princess Consuela Banana Hammock. Rachel gets fired while interviewing with ‘Gucky’ read Gucci. Rachel gets an offer to move to Paris. The gang throws Rachel a farewell. Ross says I love you. Monica and Chandler have twins. Rachel gets off the plane. The gang puts the keys down on the table.


Don’t know about you, but we’re dying to watch the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. reunion after this summary! This entire series is available on Netflix currently, in case you want to watch it. And the Reunion will be aired on Zee5 Premium.

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