From Bridgeton Season 2 to Adam Project, Netflix has some engaging content coming up in March 2022

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From the much-awaited Bridgeton season 2 to Ryan Reynold's The Adam Project, here's a list of what Netflix has in store for you in March 2022!

Just like we wait for months to change these days, we wait for streaming calendars to follow. In this era of chaos all around from pandemics to warlike situations, it's streaming platforms that are providing an escape and entertainment that help us stay sane. With a brand new month, we also have a list of new releases on Netflix to look forward to.

This month, the platform has a number of new titles to offer, from a documentary to sci-fi, comedy, and romance. There are releases like Worst Roommate Ever, Ryan Reynold, and Mark Ruffalo's 'The Adam Project', Tiger Baby Productions 'Eternally Confused And Eager To Love' and of course the much-awaited 'Bridgerton: Season 2'. When exactly are these titles releasing, you ask? This list has answers to all your streaming questions!

Check it out!

March 1

The Guardians of Justice

Worst Roommate Ever

March 3

The Weekend Away

March 11

The Adam Project

Once Upon a Time… Happily Never After

March 17

Rescued By Ruby

March 18

Eternally Confused And Eager To Love

March 25

Bridgerton: Season 2

So which one of these new titles are you most excited for to release soon on Netflix? Do tell us all about it in the comments below!

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