From dancing on "Hundred Miles" to laughing on the "Phatela Jeb" song, here are some interesting Reel trends we saw this week

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From dancing on "Hundred Miles" to laughing on the "Phatela Jeb" song, here are some interesting Reel trends we saw this week

This week's Reel trends had us all laughing, dancing and scrolling. Here are some good ones for you to try.

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head and you can't stop humming it? Well, this week's Reel trends brought some really refreshing and catchy songs to our feeds. Yo Yo Honey Singh recently released the song "Kudi Chamkeeli" and it has found its space in trends and on your tongues for its catchy beat. Another song that we all are vibing on right now includes, "Hundred Miles" and creators on social media are nailing this dance trend.

This week, we also revisited some hit songs like Adnan Sami's "Dil Kya Kare" or "It's the Time to Disco" that once again found their place in our hearts and feeds. Social media is all about how creative you can get and what you can make out of existing things. The "Phatela Jeb" meme trend has to be the best trend of the week as we got to see really creative stuff on this song. When these trends are so interesting, you too shouldn't be sitting around. Scroll through the roundup to see what trended this week and try creating something of your own.

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Here are some trends for you to try!

Phatela Jeb (Meme Trend)


Players x Say it right (Dance Trend)

Kudi Chamkeeli

It's the Time to Disco

Dil Kya Kare

Hundred Miles (Sped Up)

I'm Yours (Sped Up)

Have you tried any of these trends yet?

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