This week was all about collaborations to set milestones for our influencers. Know more in this week’s influencer roundup.

With all the events going around, there is no way that our feeds are going to be dull. This week’s influencer roundup is all about glamorous events and fun collaborations. Scroll down to know more.
Dolly Singh shared a video with Katrina Kaif where they are getting ready for a party. And as we all know, getting ready for a party with a friend is always a riot and this video was all about that fun chaos. Aashna Shroff and Komal Pandey shared videos of their glamorous walks at the Loreal Paris Fashion Week. It is an honor to be a part of such an event and they both mentioned in the caption.
The Meta Creator’s Day fest was a whole banger with all the amazing creators and influencers around. The event also had well-known international creators like Daniel Mac and Kili Paul who collaborated with a bunch of Indian creators as well. Indian creators like Jannat Zubair, Anam Darbar, Riyaz, and others collaborated with Kili Paul. Daniel Mac collaborated with Ahsaas Channa for his What you do for a living video. They went for a fun auto-rickshaw ride.

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Here is everything our influencers did over the week:

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