From money jiggling to people talking about what they need, here's What's Trending this week

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What's Trending

To not want to be a social media noob or to keep up with the Gen Z, check out our What's Trending this week list.

If there are any songs that you are humming that do not belong to your playlist but have unconsciously made it to the playlist are the ones we have heard over the Reels section. The power that Instagram Reels hold in our life is incredible. The fact that after every five minutes, we end up on the app makes our point clear. The interestingly entertaining content is another reason. And these videos that keep showing up on our feed also make us want to create one of our own. But at times, we might miss out on the latest trends and challenges that have been making the whole of the internet croon. This past few weeks, people have been dancing to a tune or lip-syncing to dialogues on social media. So check out our list of What's Trending? to keep you updated.

Here are the trends from this week:

My money don’t jiggle jiggle autotune remix

This is all we need - Hold Me While You Wait

Bol Chudiya - Indian wedding

tum bhaad mai jaa sakte ho

Jana hai tujhe? Jaa...

Acha lagta hai mujhe

The surprise

Hope you are updated on the trending audios on Instagram.

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