Since it's Fun at Work Day, here are some hilarious and excellently portrayed workspaces in movies and TV shows over the years!

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This year on Fun at Work Day, you could totally gather around with your colleagues and watch any of these movies and TV shows after office hours!

Fun at Work Day was brought into existence so that employees can get a much needed break from their hectic schedules. It’s a great way to enhance team building and create a workspace that feels happy and fun for everyone who works there. Companies have unique ways of celebrating this day, some might choose a relaxing offsite, some might spend it by ordering everyone’s favourite food or exchange gifts and get to know each other better. 

An office setting is the best premise for a movie or TV show since it enables the makers to put various different characters in the same place and tell a story by putting these characters in situations that could give the audience hilarious, wholesome or relatable outcomes to relate to. These fictional workspaces are so much fun that they totally make us wish we’d have such a work environment in our real lives as well. Be it the Halloween heist from Brooklyn Nine-Nine or Michael Scotts hilarious meeting in The Office, we’ve all wanted to be a part of that world where going to work everyday would feel so good!

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Here are our top picks of movies and TV shows that have fun workplaces!

The Office (Netflix)

Probably the most fun workplace ever shown on-screen, with a boss like Michael Scott, the employees of Dunder Mifflin tackle so many situations in a day which becomes a hub for having fun and cracking jokes.

Brooklyn Nine Nine (Netflix)

Another great example of a fun work space, Jake Peralta really brings the whole place together and who would’ve thought that a police precinct in New York could be this fun!

The Bold Type (Prime Video)

“Fun” workplaces don’t just mean a place where we can crack jokes but also a place where we feel seen, heard and our opinions matter. Jacqueline Carlyle created that space for her employees and let's not forget Jane, Kat and Sutton who found a beautiful friendship in the fashion closet!

Shooting Stars (Netflix)

This K-drama shows the ups and downs of a PR agency ‘Starforce Entertainment’. Their process of how they find talent, support each other and how they handle actors is an extremely interesting insight into the workplace!

Hospital Playlist (Netflix)

Have you ever heard of Doctors who’ve been best friends since college, work at the same hospital and also have their own garage band? Yes, you read the right! The journey of these five doctors and the camaraderie between them will make you laugh and smile throughout the show.

The Mindy Project 

With the help of her off-beat co-workers, Mindy tries her best to balance her successful career as an OB-GYN and her personal life. Episodes where everyone at Shulman and Associates discusses their personal lives in such a nonchalant manner, pranks each other and invests so much of themselves in each other's lives is nice to watch!

Superstore (Netflix)

A group of employees working at Cloud 9, a big-box store in St Louis, Missouri, faces several challenges while dealing with customers and that often makes for a fun sitcom to watch.

2 Broke Girls (Prime Video)

Max and Caroline work as waitresses at a restaurant and dream of starting their own cupcake business someday. Honestly, what could be more fun than working with your best friend?

The Intern (Netflix)

You know a company is fun if they have a ‘senior internship programme’ only for adults above the age of 60! The way Ben and Jules’ equation turns into a beautiful friendship and the whole positive vibe of the workspace shown in the film, where everyone celebrates all the little things about each other is just soup for the soul!


Wake up Sid (Netflix)

The aesthetic background of the ‘Mumbai Beat’ magazine amidst which the story of Wake Up Sid is set is super relatable for many office goers. The hustle and bustle of Mumbai and how you grow within a company is beautifully shown in the film!

Emily in Paris (Netflix)

Please! Emily is living everyone’s dream in Paris. Getting to work with luxury brands, brainstorming ideas with your colleagues while also roaming around in the fashion capital of the world is the most fun one could ever have in their professional lives!

Which of these would be your dream workplace? Let us know in the comments below!

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