17 Funniest Indians on Youtube You Must Subscribe To

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17 Funniest Indians on Youtube You Must Subscribe To

We all must have come across YouTube videos such as Honest Indian flights, 100 crore qtiyppa etc. at least once while surfing on the Internet. Over the past few years, content makers have embraced YouTube wholeheartedly in India.There are hundreds of foreign channels who are churning out comedy on Youtube, Indian YouTuber’s too are not far behind in this genre as video gives content makers more room for exploring creativity and this platform is widely accepted by the audience in India as well.Here is the list of Indian Youtube channels which will make you laugh till you drop, some of them are already well known channels while others are yet unexplored.

All India Bakchod

All India Bakchod is one of the most popular Indian channels on YouTube, their topic of videos ranges from current happenings to satirical takes on society. Their latest sketch on honest Indian flights have already registered 1 million Youtube hits.

 The Viral Fever Video

They are the brain behind Viral Video ‘Rowdies’. The subject line of their videos is very similar to that of AIB, with more than 600,000 subscribers on their channel they already are one of the most followed Youtube channels from India.

Mania Ki Duniya

Slightly less popular than the 2 channels mentioned above nevertheless in no way less funny, its popular 2D characters will make you laugh till your stomach aches. The characters in the video are the real highlights of the channel; do not be surprised if this channel is all over your TL in the next few months.

The week that wasn’t with Cyrus Brocha

Starring one of the most popular personalities on television - Cyrus Brocha, it is a satirical news show based on the recent happenings in India. Even though no new fresh videos were uploaded in the past few months their old videos are still good enough to make you laugh.

Comedy One

Suresh Menon, the face of Comedy One, is already a well established comedy artist. The average length of the video is short but that does not compromise on the comedy content, a must visit channel for comedy lovers.

Trouble Seeker team

The team behind the racism experiment of north Indian girls. Not many Indian channels are into this genre of street pranks and magic, hence the Trouble Seeker team fills that void. Some of their pranks are truly hilarious.

East India Comedy

Founded by a group of comedian who goes by the same name, their uploads include footage of their stand up acts and some sketches.

Sahil Shah

A member of East India comedy group who runs his own Youtube channel, and AD show segments on his channels which are hilarious.

Vir Das

The face of Indian English stand up comic act; the humorous content of the channel will surely make you Laugh Out Loud.

Abish Mathew

A member of the All India Bakchod team who runs his own show called ‘Son of Abish’. Episodes of his shows are shared on this channel, Don’t give a miss to this channel

Comedy Nights With Kapil

This needs no introduction, the most famous comedy show of Indian television is present on Youtube too, to make you laugh.

Jay Hind

A channel based on the format of late night talk shows, hosted by actor Sumeet Raghvan where various well known personalities like Prasoon Joshi and various television actors have made an appearance.

 Papa Cj

One of the oldest artists in the business, his channel's content include footage of his live performances.

Shudh Desi Endings

A funny channel dedicated to Bollywood, their shudh desi endings are the most popular content of the channel and they cover most of the top Bollywood movies. The good quality of animation and production makes their videos worth watching.


Their video “pranking my Dad gone wrong” got them over a million hits on Youtube. The newest channel of the lot, the core of their content includes performing pranks.

Bollywood Gandu

Probably the funniest channel doing Bollywood content, their take on Bollywood will make you cry with laughter.

Kanan Gill

It was a big mistake leaving him out of the list for starters; he does make his entry to the list on popular demand. Famously known for his movie reviews, his recent review of the movie premaggan is one of the funniest movie reviews I personally have ever seen.

Do let us know in the comment section if you have any suggestions about any Youtube channel which we may have missed

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