These funniest tweets by brands are a window to meet their savage and witty copywriters who can think on their feet.

So, there are copywriters and then there are COPYWRITERS. The former gets briefs, creates copies, and posts. The latter, well, they listen, process, and respond. Yet another example, the former tweets while the latter communicates with humour, sarcasm, or sheer anger, because hey, it’s social media and they’re hired to help the brand socialise.

Social Samosa takes a bow at the best copies ever written by COPYWRITERS in 140 characters, making the world a better place, one tweet at a time. So friends, join us in raising a toast to the funniest tweets by brands and their writers.

1. Legit. Totally legit.

2. Deep!

3. There is no such thing as No Tacos!

4. I see what you did there!

5. Hurry. There is no time…

6. Ride of a lifetime

7. The right push? 

8. And Happy Diwali to you too Zomato!


9. Well I don’t have the money, so I’m just going to head to Matunga! 

I’m on a road trip to Mars’ Bagnold Dunes. What’s new with you?

— Curiosity Rover (@MarsCuriosity) November 21, 2015

10. Now that is the kind of math I understand!

11. Ouch! 

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