People can’t stop laughing after a video of a cat walking into the robe of a priest in one of the church’s online sermons was released. They took to Twitter to talk about the funny cat video.

An online sermon by a British priest has resulted in a laughter riot on the internet and his sermon is not the reason. The laughs began after a cat grabbed all the attention in one of the church’s online prayer session video that was released by Canterbury Cathedral. It’s true, you can never predict a cat’s move. The reason people began talking about the same is when a cat named, Leo casually wandered into the video and walked inside the priest’s robe. And it is as hilarious as you read it. The Canterbury Cathedral shared the video on the net and it has escalated since then with people resharing the funny cat video and laughing at it.

Take a look at the video:

People took to Twitter to share their laugher:

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