Have you ever looked at your friends’ lifestyle and told them, “You would fit right in Mumbai!” Or New York. Or any city that seems to ‘match their personality’? But what if it worked in reverse as well? What if cities have personalities of their own? What if Amsterdam is drunk because it doesn’t want to have sober thoughts? What if Venice is an old school romantic stuck in the millennial generation? A lot of these what ifs were answered by Twitter recently!

It started when a user tweeted a touching quote by John Berger, and soon people were describing various cities as people.

From Delhi to Galway, netizens seem to know every city’s story –whether emotional or funny! Check them out:

1. New York, USA

2. Mysore, India


3. Dubai, UAE

4. Turbat, Pakistan

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5. Bangalore, India

6. Galway, Ireland

7. Mumbai, India

8. Rawalpindi, Pakistan

9. Delhi, India

10. Nairobi, Kenya

11. Lahore, Pakistan

Isn’t it a romantic thought? To believe our cities have stories that only we know of? To find home in a place you might say is a drunken teenager? Well, if you ask me, Varanasi is an old artist who plays melodious tunes on his flute during daytime, admires art and sunsets in evenings, and sits alone with his thoughts and a drink while looking at the moon at night.

Who do you think is your city? Share your stories with us.