Take a look at some of these funny and relatable math memes on National Mathematics Day.

Are you one of those who love math or are you normal? No matter who you are, the world is filled with the ones that hate the subject and can do anything to stay away from it. We have all been through the hours of pain trying to find someone’s X or the number of melons that are left or the degree at which a ladder stands for a reason unknown. The only reason that made us what to find the solution were the grades, which for some reason never improved.

Math is a complicated subject, one that requires an immense amount of attention and concentration. It comes with its own set of confusion with an unknown solution. Aur solution jab pata toh sala question kya tha pata nahi. Today is National Mathematics Day. As we get through this day, we made a list of some of the funny math memes.

Check out these math memes:

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