Top 10 Funny & Contradictory Tweets of Poonam Pandey

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Top 10 Funny & Contradictory Tweets of Poonam Pandey

With no clue in faintest of her imaginations that she would get the limelight she does today (qualities aside at least everybody knows her name) she lives her life on Twitter. The credit to her popularity definitely goes to Indian men who were dying to watch her strip publicly during the cricket World Cup back in 2011. Thankfully she never did it but realized soon how her life was going to change.

Poonam Pandey is a living example of a species with an unmatchable IQ. You will be blown away by her depth of knowledge on topics like politics, sports, travel, fashion and practically everything that could possible make news or is making news. I bet she works really hard to have such a fan following. It is not very easy to pick up trending hashtags on twitter, attach a semi-nude pic and tweet.

To no surprise when I browsed through her twitter handle and it was a hilarious escapade.

Read on to know why:


Luck of many in turn leads to misfortune of one. The director might just win an Oscar if one day he decides to make a movie on “How to waste money of a Producer”.


Well, she might just issue a public notice against the source behind scandal! I mean after her contributions on Twitter she has all the rights to challenge this decision.


Don’t you all agree that it’s hard to come out of one’s comfort zone? And this couldn’t apply more to anyone other than the twitter queen PP. Why would anyone sacrifice all that freedom?


I was busy downloading the app after I saw this tweet so whatever I write after this might not make much of a sense. My brain happens to respond very slowly to things now. Temporarily of course, until I hit the exit button and un-install the app.


Our friend here definitely has a thing for rhymes. He knows exactly how to kill them. The question is did Poonam Pandey offer him a free subscription of a paid version which I am sure will be launched soon?


Isn’t it sad when someone has to plead to the world to acknowledge their sex? Not very long time back another ‘Bhartiya Naari’ did so.


I question back: Doesn’t that depend on what you are wearing while you stand in front of the mirror?


I fail to understand the message in this tweet and if you do then please do not share with anyone else. It’s contagiously meaningless and imprudent.

#DidYouKnow PP loves Vine too! Looks like there is a female Honey Singh in town.


This one really cracks me up. I read it twice to believe it! Yes, it’s true. No, I am not ready.


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