Flying beast aka Gaurav Taneja’s Youtube channel, Rasbhari Ke Papa hits 100K subscribers in just 40 mins becoming the fastest youtube channel to reach 1M subscribers.

A licensed Pilot, Fitness expert and a YouTuber from Delhi, Gaurav Taneja is known for his Youtube channels ‘Flying Beast‘ and ‘FitMuscle TV’. He also launched another Youtube channel, ‘Rasbhari Ke Papa’ on 8th July 2020. He has been consistent with his vlogging and has garnered a huge following!

Being consistent and true to his content, Gaurav has a huge fan following as his followers enjoy his interesting and also adorable videos of his wife and daughter.

Rasbhari Ke Papa is a gaming channel dedicated to gaming and all the gaming-freaks. Sharing his videos while playing, reacting to popular games and trying out new ones, Gaurav has gained immense support from all his fans and broke records of garnering the most number of subscribers in the least time span. To get 100K subscribers in just 40 minutes without any proper promotion is a milestone for a new venture!

Check out the videos here:


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