Gayathri Iyengar asks creators to take a break and enjoy life in a sweet letter

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In between the hustle and bustle of creating content and dealing with the instant game of beating the algorithm, what a creator needs is to sit back and enjoy the life they have created for themselves. And creator Gayathri mentions why in this letter to her fellow creators.

Dear fellow creators and friends,

Being in a creative industry comes with its own travails, it is highly intensive mentally and often you will go through a burnout, so did I. It is draining and you have this constant fear of people forgetting you. Especially, in the creator industry, you always have a feeling that your content needs to be more and more. Creative blocks are the most common occurrence found in the creative industry.

As a creator, you will always wonder if the content piece you just posted will perform well. Will it get the engagement that you hoped for? You constantly will check its insights, and how many likes and comments it got. And in the process of doing all this, you start to lose yourself and honestly so did I. These numbers got to me and I had to detach myself from them, so I took a break.

Well, I wish it was this easy but even the break got me overthinking and falling into a trap. But this break taught me a couple of things that I needed to change within myself starting with my habits. As one would say it's important to draw a line between work and personal life, it was important for me to realise how much my work was consuming me.

If you are a creator, please stop scrolling through Instagram for anything other than work because it won't be long till you get sucked into thinking your content is bad. Well, once in a while of course you are out there trying to search for inspiration but I think it's important for us to draw the line. Some signs of you needing a break might be that you feel uninspired with creating new content, unhappy with existing content, constantly feel stagnant or unable to think of new ideas. If you think you are on the verge of burning out, please take that break because it is okay to do so.



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