These Genz fashion elements that are “stolen” from Millennials are worth giving a look at. Check them out!

Even though millennials blame GenZs for stealing their wardrobe, we all know who is carrying it better! The evolution of fashion has been very bizarre over these past years. We have seen new trends coming in or even old fashion trends that our parents wore for that matter. From low waist jeans coming back this year to making crocs into a fashion trend, Genz Fashion trends have aged quite well. GenZs aced the art of taking notes from every generation and making it into a fashion statement and some fashion trends are so apt that now we can say they are part of GenZ fashion.

Fashion, in general, is so subjective, and one thing I love about fashion is that it can be fluid as well. Gender-fluid clothing has been around for a hot minute now, and we see every other influencer experimenting with their closet. Even when Y2K fashion came around it was heavily worn by celebrities even on red carpets and events, and when the trend was back, all the influencers made a fashion statement out of it like it was them who started it. GenZs relationship with fashion is new but it is definitely here to stay.

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Here are 8 fashion elements that GenZ turned into a statement!

Oversized everything.

GenZ fashion is a constant rollercoaster ride between dressing comfortably to wearing something that makes you wanna kill yourself. Oversized is a comfy trend but make it look like a fashion model kinda trend. Matching your oversized tee with oversized jeans is something everyone wants to try, and this is definitely here to stay.


Corset’s history with fashion goes back centuries when it was used to “beautify” women and ensure modesty. But I just love how that we turned into a fashion trend where women who are plus-sized are also wearing corsets and definitely creating a space for other women to basically wear whatever the hell you want! We see people from other genders wearing corsets too and it shows how fashion has evolved in a very magical way.

Graphic jeans and graphic hoodies

We talk about skinny jeans and low waist jeans coming back as a trend, but there are new jeans in town where people wear jeans which are handpainted and there some graphics to them. It adds so much to the outfit, and it honestly looks so bomb. We also went from wearing basic ass hoodies to hoodies that have graphic colors, and let’s be honest, we all wear them to look cooler even when there’s a sun on our heads.


We all remember when sneakers were trending, and almost every fashion influencer owned them in collections. Boots were originally a part of formal fashion, but now there are various boots you can get that will lift your outfit thousands of times. There never was a question of gender when it came to boots, everyone is obsessed with boots, and so are we!


Accessories are been in the game for quite a long time, but accessories worn by GenZ just make sense. We can pair it with oversized tees or corsets. Rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings, nose rings, septums, hats, and many more can be paired with so many things, and everything put together just makes you a gothic queen.


Just like boots, crochets are also been around for a while, and only until recently have people started making outfits and bags out of them, which look very chic. It also adds value to the outfit because it’s hand-wieved.

Nail paints

Nail paints were never of a fashion statement until people started doing nail art on Instagram and trust me it is so satisfying to watch someone apply nail paint on their nails. whether their women, men or in between, nail paints look good on you no matter what your gender is as long as you have nails you are good to slay.

Varsity jackets

Who doesn’t like good old-fashioned varsity jackets coming back in trend and literally dominating fashion trends? People are wearing varsity jackets and pairing them with graphic jeans and oversized jeans. Wearing varsity jackets is gonna make you look like a model, and that is the truth!

What do you choose, fashion over comfort or comfort over fashion? let us know in the comments below.

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