Katey Bridges, a 26-year-old woman from Texas, is the ‘Girl bumps into her bed frame.’ She never knew that this random video of hers would go viral on social media.

Social media sure is a crazy place! You never know what can go viral and the most mundane and weird things can be liked and shared by people online. And something like this happened with Katey Bridges. She never thought that her random video would become a viral social media trend with people adding their own funny bits to it.

It all began when Katey posted a short clip on TikTok where all she wanted to do was either show off her outfit or strike a pose. But she accidentally bumps into a corner of her bed frame and it is the reaction on it that encouraged people into creating funny duets on it. Katey’s waist bumps into the sharp edge of her bed frame while taking the video and with the pain, she makes this “Ah!” sound. After this, she reached out for her phone and ended the video.

While sharing this video, she wrote “Just trying to show my fit off but the good Lord had other plans”. 

Even though we can see the pain on her face while she ended the video, it seems like that did not end there for the netizens. The internet took it upon itself to find humor in that small moment and began sharing their videos. She didn’t expect it but the video blew up with likes and comments. People wrote in comments how they found this video hilarious. And now the video is being used in TikTok duet videos where people are adding her clip alongside their song covers. After watching these videos, you can never say that creativity is dead. Not only in song duets, but the video was also used in piano and violin covers. People are finding it hilarious and reacting to it. These videos are being widely shared and liked and we totally get why!

Here’s how people reacted to the trend!

Which was your favorite duet or reaction to her video!? let us know in the comments below.

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