Giulia Raffaello enjoying the little things in India is heartwarmingly beautiful

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Italian YouTuber, Giulia Raffaello sharing snippets of things that makes her happy when in India will bring a smile to your face today!

It's not always that we sit back and appreciate things in our lives that actually make it worth living. It's the small moments, encounters and experiences that we often consider insignificant. Every peak instance in our lives get all the credits while we walk past the small things that was the reason that made it happen. Italian Youtuber Giulia Raffaello based in Berlin, Germany found time to reflect on those often ignored little things and it will leave you with your heart full.

Giulia Raffaello is married to Shreyans Jain whom she met through a dating app. She was able to enjoy and discover everything about India. She made sure to share the same with an online audience when she decided to start her own YouTube channel. Among all her content, the one she recently posted has melted the internet making them stop and look at their own lives with a new lens.

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She recently moved to India and has been enjoying everything that is happening all around. As a person who is in a foreign place, it is easy to feel lost, but Giulia has found ways that has made her fall in love with India all over again. She posted a video mentioning the little things she has experienced in India, that are actually not so little for her any more. Writing, "I am only realising now that life is indeed about little moments like these" she shared things that made her feel welcomed. From an aunty translating her order in Hindi and staying to make sure she gets what she asked for to having random conversations with strangers and catching drivers helping each other out with directions, she shared a list. The list is so thoughtful that everyone agreed on how true it is.

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