Glam eye makeup looks by beauty bloggers to give you that edge for your next party

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These glam eye makeup looks are sure to give you an edge for the next party you attend. Take a look and be inspired!

One of the great things about the internet is that you can get access to anything anywhere! That basically means, if you're stuck, you can get help by simply logging on and getting easy tips and tricks out of your problem. Obviously, that doesn't hold true when you're stuck in a medical problem (don't self medicate, guys!). But if you need beauty tips, the internet is definitely your best friend. With the latest blogger trends on Instagram and Facebook, the world isn't short of make-up tips. We have thousands of beauty bloggers across social platforms sharing their makeup secrets with us so that we can complete our party looks and look our best. So if you're having a 'beauty block', you can always find some glam eye makeup looks online. Don't worry we've got some for you right here.

These glam eye makeup looks are sure to help you up your game. Take a look:

1. Malvika Sitlani

2. Ankita Chaturvedi aka Corallista

3. Simmy Goraya

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4. Melissa Samways

5. Kylie Jenner

6. Sona Gasparian

7. The Make Up Chair aka Sinead Cady

8. James Charles

9. Deepti Ghai Sharma

10. Aylin Melisa

 We sure know the glam eye-makeup looks that we'd like to try next, what about you?
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