GoAir on Saturday sacked a pilot for allegedly making derogatory remarks against Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Image Go Air

People often voice their personal opinions and comments on social media platforms. However, this may not always go down well with the online janta or even one’s employers. This recent case of a tweet ruining someone’s career is another example of it. Captain Miki Malik who worked at GoAir had reportedly posted a tweet on Thursday where he made objectionable comments on PM Modi.

“PM is an idiot. You can call me the same in return. It’s ok. I don’t matter. Bcoz I am not PM. But PM is an idiot. Period,” Miki Malik reportedly tweeted.

Following online outrage, Malik deleted the tweet, apologised, and even locked his Twitter account.

“I apologise for my tweets about PM, other offensive tweets which may have hurt sentiments of anyone associated. I convey that GoAir is not associated with any of my tweets directly or indirectly as they were personal views,” he tweeted.

However, his employer GoAir sacked him three days later citing its zero-tolerance policy on such matters.

GoAir has a zero-tolerance policy and it is mandatory for all GoAir employees to comply with the company’s employment rules, regulations, and policies, including social media behaviour,” a spokesperson for the airline said.

“The airline does not associate itself with personal views expressed by any individual or an employee,” the GoAir representative added.

This is not the first time that the airline has sacked a pilot over their tweets. In June 2020, the airline fired a trainee pilot after he allegedly posted an objectionable tweet about Sita and Hinduism. However, someone else by the same name seemed to have tweeted it.

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