Take a look at how fans reacted after the Godzilla vs Kong trailer dropped. They shared their excitement on seeing the two monsters fight each other.

Fans all around the world are excited as the Godzilla vs Kong trailer drops on Sunday. The trailer added to the hype of one of the most epic battles onscreen. The characters who have been able to make for a perfect reel life monsters giving us some of the most iconic moments are pinned against each other. The movie which is set to release on March 25th

Godzilla vs Kong directed by Adam Wingard stars Alexander Skarsgård and Millie Bobby Brown in the lead. Kong, who has been placed as someone trying to protect a little girl, Jia. He will be seen sharing a bond with Jia and showing off his maternity love, while Godzilla is the evil villain that Kong will have to fight to save his little girl. Kong and humans join hands to fight the big battle to save the world. No matter how the movie proceeds, we all know in our hearts who we want to see win the battle. Fans shared their reactions to the trailer as the wait to see the monsters let themselves out onscreen.

Here’s how people reacted:

Check out Godzilla vs Kong trailer:

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