Godzilla Vs Kong: Tweeple share their review of this Warners Bros MonsterVerse

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Godzilla Vs Kong: Tweeple share their review of this Warners Bros MonsterVerse

Godzilla Vs Kong was released on 25th March 2021 in theatres and on HBO Max simultaneously. Here's what the public is saying about the film.

This monster verse would probably look spectacular wherever you watch it, either in theatres or on your screens. This is the fourth film in Warner Bros and Legendryโ€™s MonsterVerse. A cinematic universe where giant monsters are real and have existed way before the human race came into existence. Godzilla vs Kong pits two ancient alpha predators against each other and it definitely contains some epic monster-on-monster action and thunderous, almost deafening, sound effects.

The film promises an epic battle between two Japanese and American pop culture icons for the throne of the apex titan. The Godzilla is seen attacking cities and killing people. Always seen as more of a savior than an indiscriminate killer, is mighty ticked off about something and has been destroying cities like dominoes. While Kong has been dragged from his isolated island home to the civilization. Luckily for humans, there is a little girl who has a connection to Kong and they communicate using sign language. According to the urban legend, an epic battle is on its way again and only one will survive.


Look at here what the public is saying about this epic battle between these mythic monsters and whether the film delivers to the expectations:

So, are you looking forward to watching this film?

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