The Good Luck Jerry trailer shows how an innocent girl's plight to save her mother from cancer turns her into a badass drug-dealer

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Good Luck Jerry

Good Luck Jerry, starring Janhvi Kapoor, Deepak Dobriyal, and Mina Vashisht is set to release on Disney+Hotstar on July 29!

Good Luck Jerry is a remake of the Tamil film Kolamavu Kokila which was helmed by Nayanthara in the lead role. In the Hindi remake, we have Janhvi Kapoor playing the protagonist, Jerry and the trailer begins with her going to a drug-dealer gang to ask them for work. She has a pure yet hilarious response when she's told that this is no job for a woman. We also see Jerry working as a masseuse which she clearly hates but has to do as the sole bread-winner of her family. Her life turns upside down when her mother is diagnosed with stage two lung cancer which leads her to becoming a fearless drug dealer who tackles some really fatal and dangerous situations to collect money as soon as possible for her mother's treatment. It’s a whole catch me if you can kind of scenario between the drug dealers and the police. Hiding drugs under fish, in trucks, and even in a small tiffin box under some maggie noodles, Jerry goes through it all while being entangled with the drug mafia and her family's turmoil.

We've had a plethora of crime-thriller stories based in the north and only time will tell if Good Luck Jerry brings something new to that genre. The trailer has a black-comedy vibe throughout, and chaos is being ensued at every turn.

The film is directed by Siddharth Sen and produced by Subaskaran Alirajah, Anand L. Rai, and Mahaveer Jain. The film stars Deepak Dobriyal who is seen playing Jerry’s admirer and Mina Vashisht who plays Jerry’s sick mother. Sahil Mehta, Saurabh Sachdeva, Neeraj Sood, and Sushant Singh also play pivotal roles in the film.

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