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Grace and Frankie

Created by Marta Kauffman and Howard J. Morris, Grace and Frankie is probably the only sitcom that weaves a tale around older women and their hilarious and very relatable struggles.

When we think of a person over 70, we usually picture a wise old owl distributing pearls of wisdom with a cane in one hand and a holy book in the other. Well, Grace and Frankie are not like this at all! These 80 somethings resemble you and me really, clutching onto a martini while they figure their lives out. 7 seasons of this dramedy are proof that old age is not a pre-death death sentence, instead, it looks every bit like the glorious mess that our lives currently are.

Cast - Jane Fonda plays Grace Hanson so well. Lily Tomlin as Frankie Bergstein is an absolute masterpiece as an entertainer. Every sentence that comes out of her mouth is worth keeping an eye out for! No kidding! Sam Waterston as Sol Bergstein and Martin Sheen as Robert Hanson are so cute to watch as they discover what being married again feels like. The entire supporting cast of this TV series carries the show forward extremely well!

Storyline - Grace and Frankie have spent their entire lives trying to one-up each other until the day their husbands left them because they were in love with each other. Overnight, these 80-year-old women had nowhere to go and nobody to turn to except each other. Over time, we watch Grace and Frankie go from people who can barely stand each other to best friends living together, starting a business at 80, and discovering who they are and what their lives look like after their husbands came out of the closet.

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What I liked - Grace and Frankie has been a game-changer for how scripts are written for the elderly, allowing them to be seen as their authentic selves, with their flaws, quirks, and ambitions and all instead of simply being portrayed as 'waiting for death' kind of old. Every season of this TV series consistently covers themes like death, being sexually active at 80, loneliness, health-related concerns at old age, self-discovery without losing its prime theme - family and friendships. Couples therapy and being queer and in a relationship at rather old age aren't themes that most TV shows cover and Grace and Frankie does a great job with highlighting them! You know how you believe that you'll have life and its struggles figured out by the time you're 60 something? 'Grace and Frankie' is quick to show you that we're constantly growing, learning, and unlearning even at 80. Sad and exhausting? Yes. But is it a fantastic reality check? Hell yes!

What I didn't quite like - The last two seasons don't have anything new to say really!

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