A young Guwahati waiter working in a restaurant in Tripura has gone viral on social media and become a star with his dancing skills.

Surajit Tripura, 23, a young Guwahati waiter went viral recently for his effortless dance routine of locking and popping in a restaurant while serving. This staff of the citys ‘Absolute Barbecue’ has taken the social media by storm as he showed off his hidden talent dancing to the tunes ‘Girl I Need You’, a song from Baaghi.

He entertained the guests with all his flexibility at the outlet. The people in the outlet could be heard cheering him on in the viral video. While among netizens across various social media sites, the sentiments are similar as they are hooked to his videos.

source: absolute_barbecues

Earlier last month the talented young man first left social media a buzz with his dancing video. Someone shared a dancing video of him and said that they witness his performance while celebrating a customer’s birthday. Moreover sharing his videos many people pointed out for him to be given a proper opportunity. Somewhere where he can showcase his unexplored talent and can be harnessed.

source: Lyricals Kokborok

Netizens are loving his robotic dance moves and wondering what is he doing at a restaurant. He should get a chance on some reality show to flaunt his talents. While the people are demanding for him to get an opportunity to show his talents it was Raghav Juyal who gave a shoutout for him as well. Raghav is also the inspiration of Suraj.

source: absolute_barbecues

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