This guy’s wit screams that OTHER GUYS NEED TO STEP IT UP!

Mansi Mirani
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The perfect guy doesn’t exi – enter Redditor drewhead118! Girls, if you are done with guys who forcefully try to be funny but end up being boring as hell, this article is for you! This Redditor managed to come off as charming instead of sleazy even though he was asking for NUDES!

As a teenager, I know how irritating it can be to come across any guy (or for that matter, any girl as well) who is just trying TOO HARD! And that wouldn’t have been a problem if they were good at it. But nooo, who cares about being classy and much less about grammar, right? However recently, a thread of conversation posted by a Reddit user (drewhead118) reinstilled my faith in the concept of online creativity.

Check it out:



Impressed? Romantic? Too cheesy? You haven’t seen anything yet!

publive-imageAaanndd the actual message was…


publive-imageJaw dropped yet? Then it’s gonna hit the floor with what’s next!

publive-imageOh and if you made the mistake of thinking this AMAZING piece of genius was done –you’re in for a bigger surprise!

publive-imageTHIS GUY IS ON A ROLL!


Phone Number? He could have her address by now and she wouldn't say no!

Also, did I mention this guy was a package of witty AND funny? *drools*


Mind = Blown! I’m actually speechless. To think this guy went to all this trouble and for what? Nudes! WOW.

Drew is totally nailing it if his aim is to portray what would Shakespeare be like if he was in the 21st century! He’s a creative genius (Lucky Emilia!).  If only more people applied half the brains Drew did before flirting, Tinder would be so much more fun!

And unfortunately, for all the guys out there, the bar has been set far too high! Step it up because now we know guys like him exist!

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