Starring Arjun Kanungo & Sejal Kumar and directed by Keyur Shah, Terribly Tiny Talkies has released its first made-at-home short film titled, Half Of My Heart and the film is a resilient effort to celebrate the indomitable spirit of love in the times of ‘social distancing’.

If you, dear reader, have ever been in love, you will know that sometimes, even the most trivial issues lead to the biggest of fights. In a similar vein, this heartfelt short film depicts the story of Tasha and Raghav as a couple who have broken up, yet again, unpredictably and in the middle of a national lockdown. Half of Tasha’s things are with Raghav, and half of his are misplaced. Do they survive the distance or does this ‘social distance’ actually bring them together? Watch Half Of My Heart for what can be deciphered as the sweetest perspective on love in the times of corona.

Played by popular artists Sejal Kumar (digital actor, singer, performer) & Arjun Kanungo (Indian singer, composer, actor) – this is a truly special film for Terribly Tiny Talkies as it has been shot at the actors’ homes in its entirety without any set of equipment, to portray real-life as truly as possible, given the circumstances in today’s situation.

Take a look:

Sharanya Rajgopal, Studio Head at Terribly Tiny Talkies and also the writer of the film , mentions“To think of making a film under these circumstances felt impossible, challenging and exciting all at the same time. So we did what we knew best. Dive in and treat this short film with as much love and heart and focus as any other. Possibly more. So grateful that we found Arjun and Sejal who came on board immediately knowing that they would have to do all the heavy lifting on ‘set’ , their homes, by themselves. But even more power to have our director Keyur lead the entire cast and crew with so much patience and enthusiasm. This short has renewed our love for storytelling through film. And we can’t wait to do more.”

“I’m super excited to be part of this short film by TTT. I play the role of Raghav, a happy go lucky guy who has a problem with structure which drives his girlfriend crazy. We all have a little Raghav in us and that’s what made it fun to play him. We had to shoot everything by ourselves (something I haven’t done in years!) It was challenging for sure. What I am surprised with is the final result. I can’t believe how well it’s turned out which is a testament to the planning and vision of the Keyur, Sharanya and the team at TTT.” – Said, Arjun Kanungo.

Commenting on the launch of the film, Sejal Kumar said – “I play Tasha who is a feisty and artsy girl from Delhi living in Mumbai. Pretty similar to my own story actually. It was great to act in a romantic short film as that’s a space I personally really love. The shooting was very different from being on an actual set! Lots of jugaad and improvs led to the final result. Acting in TTT’s Half Of My Heart was such a unique experience as this is the first of its kind, a short film shot at home by the actors! It was such a pleasure acting opposite Arjun Kanungo although a fun fact, we never actually acted with each other! It looks so seamless in the film, you won’t be able to tell!

It was such a surreal experience making this short film. Suddenly there’s not much in your control as a director, and somehow you work around these things and something so sweet gets made with everyone’s effort and willingness to not be stopped and keep going. Have to love the creation and not be bogged down by limitations. Love that TTT took this challenge up and involved me along with Arjun and Sejal.” – Commented, Keyur Shah, director