This Halloween, play scary games with friends at a sleepover, night out, or camping to double the fun.

The spookiest season is here and so is our love for summoning a ghost! How many times have you talked to your friends about playing scary games and ended up just watching a scary movie for a Halloween night? You’re probably scared that you might summon someone that you don’t really wanna summon, but that’s the whole point of Halloween, right? Summon a ghost and make friends with them!

A classic Halloween sleepover is always watching the scariest movie with your friends and screaming the house down! But this Halloween why not try to summon a ghost while we have fun? Years and years of research have taken us here with some of the scary games that might or might not work but it’s always fun to try, right? Now you can finally stop wondering if ‘Bloody Mary’ really works or not and try it by yourself. We jotted down some extremely scary games for a fun Halloween night!

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Check them out!

Light as a feather, stiff as a board!

We don’t have any scientific explanation per se but this game will definitely lift you up and your spooky frame of mind.

How to play!

In a group of friends, let one friend lie down facing upwards and other friends circle around them. Then each friend places two fingers from each hand under the body of the friend who is lying down. Chant “Light as a feather, stiff as a board,” and try to lift your friend off the floor. It might not work the first time, but it will work the second time. Then the person who is on the ground can be lifted into the air.

Ouija board

Playing with the Ouija board while all of your friends are staying over is super fun. For people who want to connect with the afterlife when they’re alone, there are Ouija board phone apps too.

How to play!

Place the board in the center and let your friends circle around it. Then place the planchet on the board and one by one ask questions. For starters you can ask, “Is there any spirits present with us at the moment” and if the planchet moves, good luck with summoning a ghost. Disclaimer: Never play this game alone!


This is yet another spooky game that is scary AF and atmospheric. Play this with your friends and take turns for a greater experience.

How to play

You’ll be needing a group of friends and a hell lotta courage for this one. One person lays down facing downward and other friends circle around them and predicts their death where sand is involved but this is not it. When the person lying down wakes up, they feel like they’re buried in sand and feel the pain to get up.

Bloody mary

A good old hostel game that probably everyone has tried or thought of!

How to play

Turn off all the lights in the room and light a candle and say “Bloody Mary” three times looking straight into the mirror. According to the legend, Bloody Mary appears in the mirror and tries to pull you in. If you are lucky, you can escape with a scratch on the face or arms. If not, she might pull you into the mirror, and you will be stuck there forever.


What is better than telling stories on a Halloween night with friends? Play this game with a group of friends.

How to play

Sit in a pitch-black room and light a candle and one by one start telling ghost stories real or made up doesn’t matter unless some things start moving! Honestly, made-up stories work best.

Devil’s Face

This game is very popular among teenagers in Spain, but really it is Spain without the S. Playing alone makes more sense so be careful.

How to play

Go to the washroom just before midnight, light 12 candles in front of the mirror, and close your eyes. Open your eyes exactly at midnight and you might see Devil’s face in the mirror. He might pull you inside the mirror or do something dangerous.

Cat Scratch

Anything that involves a cat is scary AF, and then adding a dead cat is even scarier but interesting. Play with your group of friends because things might get eery here.

How to play

A person has to lie down on another person’s lap and close their eyes and fold their hands and the person has to recite a story where a cat is involved. Usually, a dead cat story works the best and after the story is over, the person laying down needs to pull up their shirt and check, they might have red scratch marks on the body. Yeah! That sounds scary, right?


If you find Ouija Board too scary to play? This game is for these noobs and it’s equally scary!

How to play

Sit in the pitch-black room with all of the lights off. Put five of your friends in a circle and sit there. Give a candle to everyone. Each participant must light their own candle, which they must set in front of themselves. The card deck should be shuffled nine times. 11 cards are dealt to you; lay them down in front of your face. It’s time to start asking questions. Again things might get eery here, so be careful!

Charlie, Charlie are you there?

Yet another atmospheric game where all the chills are in the room along with Charlie!

How to play

Take a paper and write yes and no diagonally on it. Then place a pencil balancing on another pencil and start asking questions. You will only get answers in yes or no form but it’s still pretty terrifying.

Which games are you gonna play with your friends? Let us know in the comments below!

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