How Can you Spread Happiness Using Social Media

Vedant Borkar
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How Can you Spread Happiness Using Social Media

How often, we see people on social media spreading news filled with propaganda and negativity. The current political and socio environment not being at its very best such sentiments on social media are not a rare sight. Social media, being part of our daily life, its impact is deep and rooted in our psychology.

We submit to our emotions on social media. A death is mourned via tweets and status updates while joyous moments are shared on social media too. A negative content often leaves one disturbed while a positive one can bring smile to our faces, hence its admirable to post good content and spread happiness using social media. Here is the list of things you can do to spread happiness on social media

Share Positive news

Often we see people sharing news about unfortunate incidents of the world. Instead, start your day by sharing news which will bring smile to people's faces. It can be a humorous  video or great human story of achievement or survival which will motivate people in your social media chain.


Help others

If someone on social media is seeking out for information, help them if you know what they are looking out for, helping others in need will be acknowledged and appreciated by everyone.

Stop spreading propaganda

There types of updates which floats around social media has vested interest of people behind it. Stop spreading such content without any background verification. As far as possible try to avoid sharing negative content.


Make full use of your social media profile, you can use motivational or happiness quotes to design your profile, give something positive, to people who visit your profile. if you do not like putting on quotes, keep positive content on your profile subtle.


There are tonnes of people who share their achievements on their timeline. Appreciate them for their success. It will mean a lot to them. React in a way you would expect people to react to your happiness.


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