There's one and only one Anil Kapoor in Bollywood and he's aging like fine wine!

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Anil Kapoor

Bollywood’s Benjamin Button aka Anil Kapoor has often put us youngsters to shame with his never ending energy and his curiosity to try something new and here are some of his most entertaining moments!

You might not be able to make out from his looks, but the truth is that Anil Kapoor indeed turns 66 years young today! He is one of the most loved actors in tinsel town and has been a part of some of the most memorable films in Bollywood. From Mr. India, Welcome to Beta, he has been a part of more than 100 films in his 40 year long career. While we love seeing him in movies, one thing that does stand out about him the most is his aura and how he still wears his heart on his sleeve even after so many years. The minute he enters a room he exudes that main character energy even IRL and it’s safe to say that most of us hear ‘dhina dhin dha’ when he starts walking like a boss!

At 66, he’s anything but tired of his long career. In fact it often feels like he’s just getting started. He often looks so fresh and agile that he could give any of the younger actors a run for their money. Apart from his much talked about looks, his love for experimenting with new things whilst unabashedly being himself is what we love about him! Every video that he’s a part of, every ad that he stars in is absolutely ‘jhakaas’ and his quirky nature will never stop winning hearts of the Janta!

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These 6 reasons are proof!

His recent Uber ad is probably the most Anil Kapoor thing ever!

Uber recently did a campaign with the star called ‘Rental Health Day’ where he reveals that the secret behind his everlasting youth is in fact not driving and taking an Uber instead. He made even something as small as a 30 second ad look so interesting with his personality alone!

His Nach Punjabbaan video with Ruhee Dosani

Creator Ruhee Dosani is known to often collaborate with celebrities but her video with Anil Kapoor went viral simply because he put his 200% energy while dancing to Nach Punjabban looking all dapper in his denims and blue shirt. He's literally up for anything fun!

His Koffee With Karan episode 

When Karan Johar asked him what makes him feel younger, without any hesitation he accepted that it was sex, something that not many actors his age are seen talking about so candidly. He also gave hilarious one liners throughout the episode.


He is the biggest cheerleader when it comes to his kids

The love any father has for his children is unconditional but Anil Kapoor will always be first in line to proudly show off his kids’ achievements or just simply tell them how much he loves them on Instagram. His social media is debatably more interesting and active than many influencers out there. 

Everyone is an Anil Kapoor fan, honestly you’re lying if you’re not!

Everyone loves imitating how he talks. He’s the epitome of self-confidence and many people look up to that quality in him. Even actors much younger to him like Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor often talk about how they are his biggest fans. Just a simple example of how everyone loves him!

He’s one of the few actors from his generation to have shown his support for the LGBTQIA+ community

Back in 2019, he did a film called Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga with his daughter Sonam Kapoor. In the film, his daughter plays a queer character and he shows his support for that, ignoring things that society will say which many parents often think of. But not just in the movie, even outside of it he has come forward and spoken about the stigma against the community.

Happiest Birthday Anil sir, you’re truly one in a million!

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