These soulful moments from Imtiaz Ali films made us feel understood and liberated at the same time!

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Imtiaz Ali

Imtiaz Ali movies are a world of their own and these 10 moments from his films always hit home!

Imtiaz Ali's movies are known for their soulful music and modern take on relationships. He started his career with a romantic drama named Socha Na Tha in 2005 but really made a mark for himself in Bollywood with Jab We Met. His character Geet felt like a spirit animal to so many and multiple recreations of her scenes happen to date. His movies truly feel like something you'll never get tired of no matter how many times you watch them and then there are songs that literally take you to heaven and back. Case in point - Rockstar; his character, Jordan played by Ranbir Kapoor became a sensation and was all about reaching for the stars. Songs like Phir Se Udd Chala, Nadaan Parindey, and Kun Faya Kun have been played on loop for decades now. In his movie, Tamasha where Ved inspired so many to do what they love and falling in deeply in love with someone who accepts you for who you are. Just like love stories, his movies mirrored the truth about break ups too. Love Aaj Kal portrayed how a relationship can have many layers and complications but evolves through time as long as you have each other.

Here are some moments from his movies that'll yearn you to break free from your monotonous life!

Jab We Met- Netflix

There's nothing wrong with me. Be your own favorite because if you won't love yourself then who will?

Sometimes all you really need is to scream your lungs out and let it all out to the one who has hurt you deeply!

Tamasha- Netflix

This scene where Ved opens up about his heart's true desire to his parents made us realize that we must live our lives for ourselves without being weighed down by anyone else's expectations.

Sometimes spontaneous plans can turn out to be one of the best memories in your life!

Rockstar- Amazon Prime Video

This song reaches parts of the soul and encourages finding yourself in a way that words fail.

Getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things is not such a bad thing, right?

Love Aaj Kal- Amazon Prime Video

No amount of goodbyes and farewells are enough when you're dropping off someone you really love.

Love, at first sight, can turn your whole world upside down!

Highway- Disney+Hotstar

Let loose and seize the day!

Jab Harry Met Sejal- Netflix

Sometimes the wrong train takes you to the right destination.

Which of these Imtiaz Ali movies is your all-time favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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