One of the most versatile and talented actors out there, there is not much that I can say about Irrfan Khan that probably has not been said before. But can I take a moment to admire how absolutely cool he is?

I mean which other Bollywood actor could match up to how chill Irrfan Khan is? Sure Shah Rukh Khan is witty, and Ranveer Singh is eccentric and there are many others with desirable traits but does anyone nail it as effortlessly as he does? Let me have my fanboy moment all right. His movies are extremely multi faceted, he is a great person IRL and he literally posed to recreate popular meme templates so that the internet could go crazy!

It’s his birthday today, and sure, he is a great actor and all, you know all of his movies. So let’s take this moment to revisit the best Irrfan Khan memes, then thank God for his supreme presence among us basic mortals.

I hope you don’t live under a rock but here is some context if you are unaware of it.


Irrfan Khan



Happy Birthday Irrfan. Stay awesome!