Jim Sarbh is not your quintessential Bollywood hero but definitely an actor par excellence so when better than his birthday to celebrate his versatile filmography?

Jim Sarbh is someone who knows exactly what to do the minute the director says ‘action’. He can be anything the script wants him to be. He might not do amazing dance moves on trending Bollywood tracks but he has talent that’s the size of the ocean. He started his career in the movies in 2016 and before that he made his name as a theatre actor. He sure does have a magnetic persona on-screen but even off-screen you can never predict what he’ll say next. He never tries to be diplomatic or politically correct like the others, he simply says what he feels and is unabashedly himself. He is quirky, smart, and has a really good sense of humor. Doesn’t that tick enough boxes to be a superstar? And yet he is not as talked about as he deserves to be!

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Donning the personality and psychology of his characters, Jim Sarbh has given us some remarkable performances ever since his first film, let’s have a look!

Khalil- Neerja

Rarely does it happen where we talk about a villain after a movie! Especially played by an actor we’ve never seen before. Jim Sarbh was so convincing as a terrorist that it was one of the reasons that helped the film create the impact that it did on the audience. This role was what put him on the map in Bollywood and he also garnered him the best debutant awards that year.

Malik Kafur- Padmaavat

Even though this film totally belonged to Ranveer Singh but his character would feel incomplete without Jim Sarbh’s portrayal of Malik Kafur. He was his right-hand man, his confidante, and gave us a deeper understanding of Khilji. Even with less screen time, he stood out in the film and made it one of his best performances to date.

Dr. Homi J. Bhabha- Rocket Boys

Jim Sarbh plays Indian nuclear physicist Dr. Homi J. Bhabha in the web series Rocket Boys. One of his recent roles for which he received a lot of love and respect from everyone. Not many were well-versed with his history and Jim Sarbh, a Parsi at heart himself was a delight to watch as the main lead for once!

Amin Fezi- Gangubai Kathiawadi

Getting to be a part of a Sanjay Leela Bhansali film is a reward in itself and Jim Sarbh definitely made the most of it. He plays Amin Fezi, a journalist who had a very significant role in Gangubai’s journey in the film. He pushes her to talk about a better life for sex workers at an assembly and gives her confidence to even go meet the Prime Minister.

Zubin Mistry- Sanju

Another gray character that he is known for, Zubin Mistry was one of the biggest reasons for Sanju’s dark past and without Jim Sarbh, the film would not have a conflict to win over. How he cunningly deceives Sanju gives a reminder to all of us that not every friend we have has the best of intentions for us.

Adil Khanna- Made in Heaven

Jim Sarbh played the role of Adil Khanna, a rich businessman who is guilty of cheating on his wife with one of his close friends. Made in Heaven, was one of the best web series that was released pre-pandemic that had an extremely intriguing story. The show is soon coming back with its season two so hoping we get to see more of Jim and what his character arc has in store for us.

Zakir Merchant- Raabta

Although the film didn’t do well at the box office, Jim Sarbh’s character Zakir who is an antagonist in the film sure was remembered. His character was crazily obsessed with Sairah to the point where he annoyingly gets on your nerves and that is usually the kind of reaction the villain strives for from his audience.

Brian Mckenzie- A Death in the Gunj

A Death in the Gunj is a murder mystery in McCluskieganj and the people who reside in it. Jim Sarbh plays Brian Mckenzie and manages to make an impression even amongst veterans like Om Puri and Tanuja.

He truly is someone who transforms himself into character after character and we only wish to see more of his work in the coming years!

Which of these Jim Sarbh characters is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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