Happy Birthday Rajnikanth - You Make Everything Go Viral

Siddharth Das
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Happy Birthday Rajnikanth - You Make Everything Go Viral

Did y’all mark your calendar for 12/12/2014? If not, today is the THE day for the Superstar of all superstars, Rajini. It is Rajinikanth’s first ever movie release on the occasion of his 64th birthday which is turning out to be quite the event for his huge fan base. Megastar Rajinikanth is a phenomenon that rules a million hearts especially in the south. Usually for occasions like his birthday and movie releases, fans resort to doing poojas and pouring milk over his movie posters to bring luck (as if Rajini needed any luck).

However with the superstar's latest movie up lined up for release today, fans were eagerly waiting to get their hands on tickets to watch Lingaa on its first day of release on 12 December. Hopefuls who covet the first day first show tickets have gone ahead and applied leave. Usually people fake sickness and make up leave notices in advance to catch their favorite movie, but in the case of Rajini, some of these people have truthfully stated their reason of leave as “Rajinikanth’s Birthday”. Surely their bosses have to MIND IT.

Have a look at some of the bold and straightforward leave letters that have achieved viral status on social media. 

Quite the bold leave notice we have here which has gone viral down south. Not just your regular weekday leave, but an annual one that too. Not sure if the leave was approved but hey, May the Rajini be with this employee from Mauritius.


Lingaa leave letter has caught up on Facebook. Here is a fan from Qatar who has applied his leave with the same reason.


Here is one more leave letter from fan applying for leave on 12/12/2014..




What is it that makes Rajinikanth such a viral and unmatched character that even talking about him on social media gets you trending you Twitter?


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