There will always be only one Rajnikanth, the reigning Thalaiva!

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Despite working primarily in Tamil cinema, Rajinikanth has established himself as one of the biggest movie stars in our country, and on the occasion of his 72nd birthday, let's have a look at some of his iconic filmography!

The way he walks, the manner in which he delivers his dialogues or flips his hand to salute, the way he wears his glasses or jacket with the utmost swag, everything that he does becomes a statement and a trend among people. Rajinikanth, the king reigning for more than four decades now is admired, loved, and worshiped by his fans, and the endless recreations of his mannerism bring a smile to the faces of millions of his followers. 

He is not just an action hero, but also a fantastic comedian who leaves his audience laughing till their stomachs hurt with his perfect comic timings and punch lines. But more than this, he is cherished for choosing films with a social message, movies that depict the triumph of good over evil, and for playing inspirational characters in rags-to-riches stories.

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Check out some of his best-ranked movies that exude his Thalaiva energy!

Kabali - Disney+Hotstar

Rajnikanth plays Kabali, a man who stands for the oppression faced by Tamil laborers in Malaysia in this revenge-driven action adventure that stands as one of his most popular films.

Sivaji: The Boss - Netflix

After returning to India to contribute to his country's welfare as a software engineer, Sivaji has to overcome the politicians' corrupt intentions that become the biggest obstacle in his journey.

Annaatthe - Netflix

Kaalaiyan world revolves around his sister, to the point where when she elopes with her partner, he protects her from the clutches of an evil gangster.

Enithiran - ZEE5

The movie created an uproar amongst all the Rajni fans as he played a Robot in the film who literally did not have the word 'impossible' in his vocabulary. Chitti, the robot who can also feel emotions is one of his most iconic roles to date.

Chandramukhi - Disney+Hotstar

The story is the Tamil version of Bhool Bhulaiya but Rajnikanth made it way cooler before the Bollywood one even existed. He plays the psychiatrist who gets to the root of who Chandramukhi is in the palace and treats her back to normal.

Kaala - Disney+Hotstar

Karikaalan consistently fights to keep the people of Dharavi, a slum in Mumbai, safe from the clutches of mighty politicians and the land mafia don, Hari Dhadha.

Aarilirunthu Arubathu Varai - Prime Video

Santhanam is the eldest son of a widow who does everything he can in order to ensure that his siblings receive proper education and are cared for. However, his family mistreats him and ignores him once they achieve financial stability.

Thalapathi - MX Player

Directed by the legend, Mani Ratnam, the story is the modern interpretation of the epic Mahabharata, depicting the friendship of Karna and Duryodhana in the contemporary world.

There are very few actors in this industry, who create an impact the way that he does, and literally gets worshipped by his fans every day. There truly is no one like Rajnikanth and here's wishing the living legend a very Happy Birthday!

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