Here are seven heartwarming moments that made us realize RM is the best leader BTS could ever have!

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RM, has always been a perfect example of what a true leader should be like, so when better than his birthday to appreciate everything about him!

If you see the trajectory of BTS’ career over the course of 10 years, you’ll realize what a huge part RM has played in their success. Of course, all 7 of them are highly talented, but there have been a plethora of times where the boys have looked up to their Namjoon Hyung for the person that he is. He was the first to join BTS, and since then, he has always taken responsibility for taking care of his fellow members without any complaints. Being the only one in the group who could fluently speak English, he knew he had a huge responsibility on his shoulders as the spokesperson of the group on their overseas schedules.

But that never ever meant that he would suppress their stories and speak on behalf of them. He’s, in fact, always spoken on behalf of what BTS feels entirely as a group and not what RM feels as a person. He has always pushed the boys to speak their minds, always been there to help them with their English and always been a role model for how to carry themselves with utmost sophistication when they’re in the public eye. 

RM has two sides to him, and we love them both with all our hearts. The first one is RM, who is a K-POP idol who writes meaningful lyrics and loves his fans. And the second one is Kim Namjoon, who spends time with nature, loves going to art galleries, spending time with friends and family, and clicking aesthetic pictures. He gives out so much comfort to everyone around him that he has literally become a verb. Yes, ‘Namjooning’ is a legit verb in the BTS fandom, which is known as the act of living as Kim Namjoon. You know you’re Namjooning when you’re exploring a new place or reading a book or just hanging out with your friends. 

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There’s truly so much to learn from him and here are 7 moments that we definitely cannot forget!

In their initial years, they did not have a translator, or at least not a good one, so he had to translate every single thing that the boys were saying without any complaints. This helped put BTS on the map, especially in the US.

His first speech at the United Nations taught everyone to speak yourself, speak your story. 

When he was recently asked how he stays true to himself amidst all the success, he said- If success is 100%, he’d give 50% of the credit to the armies, and then 5% credit to each BTS member and 15% to Hybe and Bighit. So that makes him realize he’s just a small part of this huge journey and keeps him humble.

He always makes sure all the boys are together and takes care of them!


He uses his Instagram smartly to promote the work of all the artists whose work inspires him

When he always has comforting things to say like "Please use BTS to love yourself" or motivating someone who is learning Korean by sharing his tough times while learning English.

He never takes a word against armies or his fellow members and always defends them

Happy Birthday to the pillar that holds BTS together; we're so grateful to have known you in this lifetime!

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