Here's 10 instances where Sara Ali Khan has been an entertainer through and through!

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Sara Ali Khan

We've seen Sara Ali Khan be her confident self unabashedly and even though she's a star kid, we've related to her more times than one!

Sara Ali Khan has always been someone who oozed charm and bubbliness ever since she entered the world of movies. While we see most star kids talk about their first world problems that absolutely go above our heads, Sara Ali Khan came in like a breathe of fresh of air and showed us that sometimes stars can be just like us. Yes, probably upbringing plays a major role in this but at the end of the day its how she's so unapologetically herself and so not scared of what people say about her. There have been so many times where we felt she's being a total goofball who is just trying her best to entertain us but in reality she was just being herself! She's from the Gen Z era who's a complete millennial, with her quirky and humorous Instagram posts, her sarcastic one liners or how she boldly accepts who she has a crush on, even if its on national television!

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Here's every instance where she has made us laugh or was relatable af to the most of us!

We definitely have to start with her silly Knock Knock jokes that she does with her brother Ibrahim! It makes you roll your eyes but also puts a smile on your face making you nostalgic of how you are with your siblings!

Her 'Namaste Darshako' series where we see her take us along with her on a journey of exploration, be it on film sets or her own vacation! From picking up a bunch grass on her head straight from a khet in Bihar to giving us an insight into what her everyday life looks like, she's as down to earth as one can be!

When the story she narrated on Koffee With Karan about booking a cheaper hotel so she can save INR 6000 struck a chord with so many of us!


She's been a 'chaka chak' dancer in Bollywood since Day 1!

When she completely normalized being a close friend with a contemporary in an industry that constantly puts women against each other!

She's the queen of improv and rhyming poetries!

Being someone who's constantly in the public eye and still being so comfortable in your own skin can be set as a good example for many who follow her. She has never been hesitant to talk about her weight loss journey. She loved herself back then and she loves herself now, that's how it should be!

When she made her whole team take a quiz on who knows her best!

She loves her modern family and has been living proof that having step-siblings or having a step-mother is not as bitter or evil as they show in the movies. Family is family and you love them with all your heart!

Lastly, she definitely knows how to keep things spruced up in the fashion departments as well. She's made an impact with her outfit choices be it on red carpets to airport looks!

She infact is a royal princess IRL but she lives her life on her own terms and is a total bundle of joy and that to us feels like a Queen of today in the making!

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