How did social media come to your notice? What attracted you towards it?

I guess it was the latest thing and everybody I knew was on something whether it was Orkut or MySpace. I kind of held out for a while before I decided to load up my page on any of these sites. Since, I wanted to be sure about my privacy and security before I started using it. Then came Facebook and so on and here we are.

How has the usage of social media helped you in reaching out to your fans and followers?

Through social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, we are for the first time directly connecting to our fans and be able to provide them with up to date info on all issues (and due to being an artist) be able to update about our music releases and upcoming shows.

In your opinion, how important it is for a celebrity or an artist to market his/her brand/product/album?

Marketing your product is one of the key things that one must do in today’s business, right next to the type of brand you’re to present for you achieve the best results. For an Independent artist this is a must as there is no longer any real platforms, channels or labels supporting music like they use too so without marketing you aren’t getting nowhere.

Social Media has brought about a revolution in almost every sector in the last couple of years. Your thoughts on it.

I think that just changed from the day we discovered the internet. “PERIOD” All I can say is where would we be without Google. Any info u want is at your finger tips so no longer do you have to go through those heavy business phone books or even call any operator services. This obviously helps and yes, it’s been a revolution for all businesses.

You started off in the industry when social media was not existent. List some of the positives that it has brought about in enhancing the face of an artist.

Yes, at the beginning we had to rely on strictly media and radio & television for us to be able to reach out to the masses and it made it quite difficult to get slots for you to push your record. Now you can easily upload your songs or music videos via sites likes YouTube or Facebook and much more and gain fan base and direct feedback on how many people like the music.

How often do you catch up with your follower’s offline as well?

I’m catching up all the time, everyday. Where ever I go, I meet people whether that’s through shows or travelling, going out to eat, clubbing there’s always to interact with your follower’s offline. We also run competitions etc which gives a chance to follower’s to meet us in person.

Which is your preferred platform for interaction?


Have you ever had a bad/weird experience with any of your fans?

Of course, I think everyone has. Some people are just misunderstood.

The rapid rise in social media has narrowed the gap between a celebrity and the common man. Does it lead to invasion in your privacy?

It can be a invasion of your privacy only if you allow it to. Off course it has advantages and dis advantages but I do miss the good old times when everything wasn’t so out in the open and people wouldn’t judge others just on the basis of what they read and see on the net. The most irritating thing is when people they can start filming you wherever they want as if they have a right too and that’s when they get punched in the face. LOL

Have you ever been approached to market a certain brand on social media through your profile?

Yes, couple of times.

How do you handle the negative publicity that spreads through social media?

I just laugh at it as these days news doesn’t have to real for it to spread. Too many people with too many opinions, it’s just gone crazy. People really need to get a life and do other things like (get some exercise mate) instead off instead seating in front of their computers or being on their phones.

Would you prefer launching your album online in the future instead of doing it via a Page-3 party in some hotel or studio?

I feel that media parties are as important as online launches because there are still so many people we don’t use social media sites plus its more fun for people to come and watch you perform at the launch.

On a scale of 10, how do you rate your social media experience?


One message that you would like to pass on to your fan community worldwide, what would that be?

Be responsible, when using the net or commenting on subjects. I thank all my fans for the love and support they have given me throughout the years. I feel very honored and blessed.